So I have a confession to made. I’m not that smart, not that brave. Or maybe you’ve known that already too long. See, the problem is, I thought I was. Then proof over proof set in to knock the hell out of me. Who am I fooling? People can say that I’m a great writer, yet I haven’t produced any single writing more than 100 pages. Nothing! Some people say they admire how bold I am. I though I was! But then I realized, I’m not even half of it. I tell my friends to ‘stand up, speak out’ while I only murmur syllables when people ‘giving’ advice on my baby treatment. Face it, be honest, I just don’t have guts to tell them mind their own business. So what if my baby’s nose is flat? He is cute as he is and I don’t mind it! It functions damn well! Continue reading “my dirty confession”