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October 2013

Kerastase, oh, Kerastase

Jadi gini.

Kurang lebih setahun yang lalu, gw ikut promo produk baru Kerastase, dan dapet deh tuh, Nutritive Bain Oleo Relax, buat frizzy hair. Dapetnya beberapa sachet sampo, masker dan semacam vitamin (thermique apalah gitu) buat rambut yang sering di-blow dry atau catok.

Pertama nyoba, ga terlalu ngefek. Terus – sesuai kebiasaan – gw simpenlah itu sachet dan kadang-kadang pake, itu juga disayang-sayangggg banget.

Naah, kemaren, entah dapet bisikan dari mana, gw iseng korek lagi itu produk. Samponya tinggal dua, maskernya tinggal satu dan vitaminnya tinggal dua sachet. Gw keramas & maskeran rambut. Continue reading “Kerastase, oh, Kerastase”


“Cucu… cucu…. Ua… ua…”

Before going to work this morning, husband left me some money to buy my breakfast. Whilst preparing his stuff, he mentioned that he was stopping by at Indomaret – a local convenient store – to buy Pocari Sweat.

And suddenly, the 21 mos BabyBen got up, said, “Cucu… cucu…” (Susu, susu – milk, milk). And as if I haven’t shocked enough, he took the money my husband left and picked it up, “Ua… ua…” (Uang, uang – money, money.)


At Indomaret, the cashier place was empty. No doubt, he called, “Baaa! Baaaa!” >> Mbaaa! Mbaaa! , calling for the cashier.

Oh dear.

But then, this one really touched me.

I’ve been trying to feed him fruit like about two or three months now. He always refused the small dices of apple he once loved. So, to make sure he got enough amount of fruit intake, I always mix the fruit in his morning cereal. It’s not really something that I’m truly fond of, since I try my best to be honest with him, not wanting to mislead him in any aspect.

I kept trying and failing and trying and failing.

Till today.

I chopped small dices of apple for that busy baby playing with spoons and rice cooker (yeah, I know). I put the bowl in front of him and also a fork for him. As I had expected, he tasted the apple and spat it out, then toying with the dices.

I took a deep breath and decided to proceed with my poor breakfast – Indomie FTW. Only two or three spoons, I was back to him, trying to fix his sitting position, then I tried again – nonchalantly – to feed him the apple. AND HE ATE IT. ENTHUSIASTICALLY. LIKE, REALLY!!! It was like he was eating his favorite snack, kerupuk! So I chopped the apple again, in a rush. And again. And he finished all of the apple – well, half of an apple, actually. WOW!!!

I almost burst into tears. It was like magic. Miracle. I didn’t pray like seriously, I didn’t beg. I only though, “Oh, dear God, should I cry to You again, like I did before?” And, tadaaa….

So tonight I bought more apples for my baby boy. Hopefully, he will have the fruit again, as enthusiastically as today. 


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