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February 2014

as blessed as

Maybe I’m just being jealous.

Jealous that she seems to enjoy her life so much, that she looks so lucky.

Having a husband who loves her so much. Wait… mine too!

Having a healthy-looking and happy baby. Wait again… mine is too!!

Having tons of money to enjoy great gourmet, buy branded stuff, going to cities and countries….

Okay, this one, I might not have as much as she does.

But I’m not in want! I still can buy stuff that I like (psst, I’ve been buying things for weeks, not really happy about it anyway, since I found ‘retail therapy’ is in the list of 22-habits-of-unhappy-people), I still can travel, though not luxuriously.

Says who I’m less than her?

I just don’t spread it to the whole world.

I’m as blessed as she is 🙂

– and this revelation just came during me writing this! Writing is a great-working therapy! 🙂



How would you feel if you found out that you have at least 7 of 22 signs of unhappy people?




been too long!

Hari ini iseng-iseng kirim CV untuk apply jadi penerjemah freelance di sebuah penerbit.

Udah attach CV, giliran mau cuap-cuap, eh, jadi mati gaya.

Tulis ini, apus. Ketik itu, delete. Kayaknya semua serba salah, dan gw malah jadi gak pede dengan kemampuan bahasa Inggris DAN Indonesia gw!


HELP!!! Kelamaan gak nulis, gak create something T.T

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