Maybe I’m just being jealous.

Jealous that she seems to enjoy her life so much, that she looks so lucky.

Having a husband who loves her so much. Wait… mine too!

Having a healthy-looking and happy baby. Wait again… mine is too!!

Having tons of money to enjoy great gourmet, buy branded stuff, going to cities and countries….

Okay, this one, I might not have as much as she does.

But I’m not in want! I still can buy stuff that I like (psst, I’ve been buying things for weeks, not really happy about it anyway, since I found ‘retail therapy’ is in the list of 22-habits-of-unhappy-people), I still can travel, though not luxuriously.

Says who I’m less than her?

I just don’t spread it to the whole world.

I’m as blessed as she is 🙂

– and this revelation just came during me writing this! Writing is a great-working therapy! 🙂