Papa promised Ben to buy him a mechanical car with one condition; Ben must sleep separately from Papa & Mama.

That’s how we got him to try sleeping alone last night. Well, not entirely alone. Papa accompanied him, then left just before he entered his deep sleep. Mama came in, Ben was awake and asked Mama to stay. At 4 in the morning, Ben screamed, “Papaaaa!” Papa jumped out from his sleep and rushed to see what he needed. He wanted his lullaby from an Our Daily Bread album.

“I heard music, but it was weird,” he complained. It turned out that he heard morning azan, tee hee.

Tonight, Mama put him to bed. Ben had hiccups. He drank a lot of water to have it go away, but it didn’t work. So Mama asked him just go to sleep, relax, and it would go away. Ben asked Mama to stay until his hiccups gone, and Mama did.

Good night, Mama’s big, brave boy. We love you so much.