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December 2016

#2 pregnancy log.2

Yesterday, December 20th, we decided to consult our obgyn, mostly because of my curiosity whether this time is for real.

And it is.


Dr. Radit found it pretty amazing though, that on 5th week of pregnancy age, the gestational sac’s size is already big enough, the machine even printed 7th week on it! The yolk sac already appears and guess what, the obgyn was stunned as well, there is already a very delicate beat of blood veins.

“It’s not molar, for sure,” he said with a big smile.


So, hello, Baby C. Let’s go through this journey together, strongly, joyfully, and faithfully!




#2 pregnancy log.1

Alright, the second one is a pretty real deal.

I got PIC  (pregnancy induced clumsiness), for instance. Like tonight, when I drew money from ATM and had to enter my PIN, I hesitated quite some time. I forgot my PIN. And after drawing money successfully, it turned out that I forgot my card! Thank goodness Silvy was there to keep it for me. “It’s unusual of you,” she commented, unaware and uninformed of my early pregnancy, as we agreed to keep this a secret until we visit our OG.

I got cold easily. I was worried, but reading that it’s normal, it’s hormonal as it is for getting hot easily, now I’m calmer.

Hope everything is okay inside!

it’s a gift

So. This is our 6th anniversary gift. Double lines that have been awaited since 5 months ago.

Won’t go to OG before the 8th week, tho. Hope everything goes well.



Ben, Water, and Stove

This afternoon I asked Ben to lend me a hand with cooking which he happily agreed to, as usual. His task was simple, to fill a measuring cup with water. It’s a fun way to learn mathematics, too! *wink*

“How much, Ma?” he asked.

“500,” I replied. 500 is the highest number of the cup, almost at the brink of it.

First attempt was a success. Second was not a really one. He spilled the water a bit and made his shirt wet. Ben, however frolicsome he is, never likes his outfit, especially his shirt and his sandals, wetted.

He started to whine, “Mama, it’s wet,” he showed me a tiny spot of moist on his shirt.

“It’s okay, just a teenie weenie spot, Darling,” I told him before I continued chopping shallots. Seconds later I noticed him walking near the stove. I became alerted since the stove was turned on.

“Stay away, Ben, the stove is hot!” I told him.

He lifted his hand and said calmly, “I’m drying my shirt, Mama.”

I was stunned, however did that idea come to his mind? 😀

My resourceful boy!


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