So Jean was sick this week. Started on Sunday with mild fever, then suddenly spiked up at Monday and it went downhill on Tuesday morning, when she threw out yellowish slime – which turned out to be her stomach liquid or something like that.

There it went our Xin Jia plan. We rushed to emergency room that morning. Jean was given anal medication of ibuprofen, and then the ER doctor offered to check her blood. Personally I found it a little bit unusual, since it was only the second day of fever, but who cares in that moment, I agreed.

The result wasn’t great. It was bad, actually. Her leukocyte and CRP level went through the roof and the doctor suggested her to be hospitalized. Aries and I took time to discuss. He preferred Jean to be treated at home, since he wasn’t sure Jean would receive the IV lightly. He just couldn’t bear the image of his daughter crying and rejecting the IV, trying to pull it away, so, no, we wouldn’t admit her, at least not that day, and decided to take her home and return to her pediatrician the very next day.

We met Dr. Edward, Jean’s ped since day 1. He explained that she needed to be admitted for a faster recovery process, but he wouldn’t make us to, so he added the antibiotic dosage plus some other meds. He did give us warning, when Jean appears limp, refuses to drink, and no wet diapers, we must immediately take her to hospital. That day, we went home with a heavy heart.

And so day by day, we religiously fed her meds. I really didn’t have heart but I talked myself in, this is for her own good. I am so proud of her, how she willingly taking in her meds.

Slowly, the fever subsided. It kept lowering in both frequency and duration. Jean appeared healthier, she ate more each day (thank God for papaya whenever she didn’t finish her main course), she slept more each day, and she kept getting energetic each day.

One day, while she was sleeping, my mind was entertaining this negative thinking and I broke down and cried. I prayed, “God, please heal Jean. I miss my happy cheeky daughter, I miss seeing her dancing, humming, I miss her smile.” I cried for some more and I stated how I trusted God, I admitted He is Lord over us, He is sovereign and He is sovereign upon science. That very day, He answered my prayer. Jean was happily dancing and humming and smiling that day. My heart was so full.

Today, four days after the ER visit – though it feels like forever – we went to Dr. Edward again and he gave Jean a clean bill of health. She doesn’t need to be hospitalized, just continue and finish the meds. HALLELUJAH. To add our delight, he didn’t charge us his service 🙂

So it’s been like 18 hours since her last fever, the longest in the last 5 days. Thank you, God! Thank you, Doc!